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Green Environment: Improving Your Environment

Living in a green environment is possible. It does not have to be expensive to create and it does not have to take away from the quality of life you have now. In fact, many people find that once they make some simple changes to their life they can live a life they are more proud. You do not have to make any changes drastically either. Green environment living happens slowly, at a speed you are comfortable with. What is important is that you do take the time to make small changes so that big results on a planet-sized scale can be seen.

Making Small Decisions For A Green Environment

Where can you make changes to improve the environment you are living in? Here are several small things you can do to improve your green environment.

• Invest in an extra garbage can to place soda cans in for recycling. Simply empty the bag when it gets full and drop off at your local fire station or recycling bin.

• Change out the light bulbs you are currently using to florescent bulbs, which use less energy and they last for years (this is a huge cost savings for most people!)

• Place a box in your den for newspaper. Drop in junk mail, newspapers and magazines once you are done with them. Drop them off at the local recycling bin once every few weeks.

• Keep your car’s maintenance up. Not only will this improve the car’s performance for you, it will also improve your gas mileage giving you more fuel for the same amount of money and in turn cutting down your dependence on oil.

• Turn off the TV for a full day each week. Do things with the family instead. Activities like sports, playing at the park or just spending time together with some board games will bring families together and it cuts down on electricity use.

• Raise your air conditioning thermostat by 2 degrees or lower the heating thermostat by 2 degrees to see a large difference in your energy bills and to help lessen your dependency.

• Start a garden and grow your own, organic vegetables. You will save money from the garden and you will reduce your dependency on trucked in foods with pesticides. Do not have room for a garden? Use pots on a deck.

As you can see, a green environment is very possible and very easy to do. You do not have to do many big things to see big results. Green environment changes like this are just the start of all you can do to improve your quality of life.

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