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Human Impact On Environment

Understanding the human impact on environment is a crucial understanding that people need to have. Yet, for many people, this is a topic that does not interest them and even is not likely to grab their attention. The problems from the human impact on the environment continue to grow, though. Over time, it becomes increasingly important for people to take the time to carefully consider what they can do to lessen this impact. When and if nothing is done to make those improvements, the results will be catastrophic for virtually anyone involved. Yet, there is help and hope for rewards out there.

What is the human impact on environment? To understand this, consider how people use the world around them for everyday life.

• We use the world as a resource for food to keep us alive and well.

• We use the world as a way to produce energy so that tasks can be accomplished.

• The world is used as a source of medications that help to keep people healthy and heal many ailments.

• The world is used for a source of enjoyment, recreation and simple fun

• The world is used as a natural resource for the production of products including industrial products and supplies.

In every way, the human impact on environment happens every day. The world has also changed because of these needs and impacts. For example, human pressure, as scientists call it, is greater than every which means more potential problems in the long term. This includes more intensive agriculture that has taken the place of traditional farming methods. This has strained the western rural landscape so badly it threatens it.

Look closer to find other examples of the human impact on the environment. Tourism, on a massive scale has taken a toll on the planet as well. The natural landscapes have changed considerably, especially coastal areas, mountains and larger lakes. This not only affects the look of these areas but also their ability to sustain wildlife.

What other ways does the human affect on the environment happen?

• There is a decreased diversity of species since so many habitats have been destroyed

• There is a reduction in the genetic resources for many species, which in turn makes I more difficult for these animals to evolve and continue to prosper

• Energy resources have been drained in many areas

The human impact on the environment is significant and in some situations, it cannot be reversed. For this reason, it becomes important and even essential for people to make changes now so tomorrow becomes much easier to live with.

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