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Man And Environment: Sustainable Development Hinges

Man and environment have been working against each other for years. Since the beginning of humanity, man stepped out into the world and changed it. Every time a tree branch is broken or an animal is killed, there is a lasting effect on the world. While in moderation there is no reason for alarm, in fact, these can be beneficial, on a large scale, there is devastation to worry about. Finding the balance between man and environment is difficult. Man is continuously looking for ways to improve its lifestyle while the environment struggles to keep up. Is there some way to find an equal balance?

A good way to see the problems caused by the man and environment situation is the ocean. Look at any of the natural beaches in the United States, ranging from the Florida coast up on, and along the Californian coast as well. There is evidence of a problem on any of them. For example, in Florida, the beaches are beautiful year round. People flock to this area of the country from everywhere. However, every time they come to the beach, there is a possible negative effect. A simple picnic creates a problem in that there is always something left behind that enters the ocean. In Florida, one concern is the wildlife. An example of this is the loggerhead sea turtle. When waste, such as a plastic sandwich bag enters the ocean, that turtle may believe it to be a jellyfish and swoops in to pick it up. The turtle dies from ingesting the plastic.

The turtle also will not approach the beaches because of the sheer number of people on them. By avoiding the beaches, they avoid reproduction, which is a direct consequence on the population of these little turtles and another example of the problems between the man and environment relationship.

Improving the man and environment relationship is not easy to do. Many people are working on finding ways to prevent animals and the quality of life to diminish through individual measures, such as finding ways to help the turtles. Yet, it takes more than simple laws to make drastic changes. The fact is, until people make a conscious decision not to litter and to avoid many of these problem areas, there is going to be a long-term problem in existence.

Man and environment need to find a way to exist together. Because there will always be an effect on the environment from man, efforts to find the least problematic approach is necessary. When you step out into the world, consider what effect you are having on it.

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