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Save Environment Locally: Making Local Changes

Locally, people can do significant things to save the environment. What is your environment like now compared to what it was like ten, twenty or more years ago? In most American cities, the difference will be significant. Cities have grown with more people, which mean more natural habitats for animals will be taken over by streets. More factories may have come in, taking over the abundance of space with pollution causing machines. There are more cars on the streets and more litter as well. Therefore, as you can see, there are likely many things that can be done on a local level to save environment problems from overtaking the communities you know and love.

Start with your local street and neighborhood. Is it littered and run down? Get together with a few people from your neighborhood. Head out and simply clean it up. Be sure that everyone in the neighborhood realizes what is happening and why. It is rare that you will find people who are unwilling to participate or who will complain about this type of clean up. When people work together to clean up a park, or to remove trash from local school parking lots, everyone benefits and people are less likely to make a mess if they have contributed to cleaning it up.

Next, take on the city’s large industrial areas. Work with local government to get emissions from factories and plants reduced. Find ways to measure and monitor not only the pollution coming out of the smoke stacks, but also the problems of trash and water waste. Being proactive and alerting others to what is happening around the community in these industries is one of the best ways to help save environment problems from getting worse. In addition, the more knowledgeable people are, the more likely they are to be involved.

Establish car pools of people who work nearby to each other. Find out if local bus service is available to aid people to get to and from schools, works and shopping needs. This will help reduce the number of cars on the street and will improve the overall level of demand on natural resources locally.

In many ways, it takes one person to work to save the environment locally. If you want to find success and see a community come together, be the first person to work towards change. Many people are able to do small things that can make significant changes in the way that every day life is lived in communities around the country. To save the environment, start locally and build up to a bigger result by making those changes last.

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