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Save The Environment: How Everyone Can Help

o save the environment, everyone has to work towards a common goal: preserving the resources the Earth has and being protective of the way the planet is used. While on a grand scale, it can seem very difficult to accomplish these goals, it is, by all means, possible to do. The large goals of saving the planet are something many people have to work towards. Yet, small changes can make big differences as well. What becomes important to realize is that in order to save the environment, everyone has to contribute.

Finding ways that you can work towards this goal is important. Make changes in your everyday life that you are comfortable making. Invest time and resources that you feel comfortable doing. You may not want to make drastic changes to the way you live your life, but you can, and should, make small changes and gradually increase them over time. Here are some ways that you can save the environment like this.

• Recycle. Place a bin next to your door for newspapers, magazines and old papers that are no longer of use. Place a second garbage can by your kitchen garbage can for pop cans. When they fill up, simply take them with you to the local recycle center or even to the various recycle dumpsters nearby. Literally, no extra time or energy has to be invested for this very positive result.

• Buy florescent light bulbs, as you need them, to replace the current ones you have. These are small changes, too. As a light bulb goes out, simply replace it with a florescent option, which uses much less energy and can last several years. You will save money and again with no extra effort on your part.

• Look for ways to cut your fuel costs. Raise your air conditioning and lower your heating by two degrees. Carpool, take the bus or limit some of the errands you do in your car to help reduce the amount of gas used. Use an electric or even a no motor lawnmower to cut grass. Turn down your hot water tank. Turn off and unplug your appliances. Each of these things will reduce the amount of energy you are using and therefore will help.

You can save the environment through these simple measures. One of the best ways to make a substantial difference, though, is to work at educating those around you of the many ways they too can help to save the environment. Be proactive. You do not have to make big changes all at one time. Make small but significant changes and you will be working to save the environment.

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