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Unhealthy Living Environment: Ways It Effects You

An unhealthy living environment will lead to many health problems. The living environment around you can be small, such as your home, or it can be much larger, such as the community, city, state and country you live in. A living environment that is unhealthy will cause many people to feel bad and it drops the quality of life. Yet, many things can be done to improve just about any area to see significant results in the long term. If you are considering your current situation, and believe you are experiencing unhealthy living environment surroundings, the Environmental Protection Agency will be able to help you.

What Can An Unhealthy Living Environment Lead To?

When you live in an unhealthy living environment, many health concerns can happen.

• When air quality is low, such as from air pollution, breathing is inhibited. Health conditions can develop in a short amount of time in a serious situation. As you breathe, the particles and other toxins in the air enter the lungs. The lungs struggle to breath and cannot release the particles. Over time, this can lead to all types of respiratory illnesses including lung cancers, which are one of the most fatal types of cancer today.

• When water pollution or ground pollution is found, an unhealthy living environment is also created. In this situation, toxins can instantly poison some if they are ingested. If they are small amounts, they too can lead to respiratory, heart, liver and other organ problems. These too can lead to cancers.

• With noise pollution, which is another form of unhealthy living condition, the level of noise may be quite annoying. Many people believe that is all it is, but in fact, it does more than just destroy the quality of life you are living. In fact severe or long-term noise pollution can cause severe hearing loss and other hearing problems.

Getting Help

Are you experiencing any of these unhealthy living environment problems or others? If so, you can get help. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency is located throughout the United States and problems help and resources to those living in situations like this. Through their help, they can track down the cause of the problem and then work to find a solution for it. Ultimately, they can help clean up the areas and they can improve the overall quality of life for those living there.

Unhealthy living environment problems can worsen over time. Asthma and other respiratory conditions are life threatening and require immediate care by a doctor. Get out of any situation that is an emergency and seek help.

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