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World Environment Day: What Is It?

World Environment Day is one of the most significant ways the United Nations come together to promote the ideas and methods of improving the environment. The United Nations General Assembly first established it in 1972. Each year, a different city hosts the event. It is held the week of June 5th each year. This important day is used to help strengthen the awareness of the environment on a global scale. World Environment Day is a big deal because it helps bring more people to the foreground to converse about improving the environment in some way.

In 2008, the World Environment Day was held in New Zealand, in Wellington. Each year, the organization that is runs this special day will chose a topic or a slogan that is used to promote the topics for coverage in this day. For 2008, the slogan selected was, “CO2, Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy.” This is a significant reason why New Zealand was selected as the city for the 2008 event. New Zealand is an active country in finding solutions to this problem. They have promised to achieve carbon neutrality. In order to do this, the country has promised to improve forest management in an effort to better reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses.

For a North American host, The Chicago Botanic Garden was used as such for World Environment Day. This was also held on June 5th of 2008. Each year, one, or two cities will hold the celebrations for this very important day. In New Zealand, volunteers handed out stickers that had the slogan, “I’m reducing my carbon footprint! Word Environment Day.” That celebration started on May 28th and continued through June 13th of 2008.

Many other cities have been host of World Environment Day. In recent history, Tromso, Norway, Algiers, Algeria, San Francisco, United States, Barcelona, Spain and Beirut, Lebanon all held celebrations for this yearly day. There have also been many different slogans for the event. In 2007,m the slogan was, “Melting Ice-A Hot Topic” while in 2006, the slogan was, “Deserts and Diversification-Don’t Desert Drylands!. The San Francisco slogan for the 2005 event was “Green Cities- Plan for the Planet!

As you can see, improvements to the planet are the main goal of the World Environment Day. Anyone from any lifestyle can see the importance of improving the earth on this type of scale. When the globe comes together to make it happen, it is more likely that success will happen. World Environment Day, or WED day is an ideal way to help get that message out there.

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